Million-user blockchain apps.

Connext is a layer two scaling platform that lets Ethereum projects enable lightning fast transactions for their users.

Billions of blockchain transactions.

Most assets, applications, and ecosystems will eventually be rebuilt on blockchains. This will mean millions of transactions per second that have to be secured on-chain. Currently, blockchains can only support a tiny fraction of this, not even enough for one major application.

A layer on top of the blockchain backbone.

Connext lets you set up and use a state channel hub. By securely moving transactions to a networked, trustless, off-chain layer, state channels minimize the transaction fees and times that prevent blockchain apps from scaling. To date, state channel implementations have largely been custom-built or research-focused.

We make leveraging the power of state channels easy. Users deposit their funds into a smart contract with your Connext Hub. Then, they can pay any other user that is also connected to your Hub simply by signing a state update. Funds remain secure because parties can settle disputes on the underlying blockchain at any time.

What is Connext best for?

Content Payments

By reducing your transaction costs to almost zero, Connext empowers streamers and creators to seamlessly monetize their content, no matter how low the price.

P2P Marketplaces

Controlling user funds and managing payouts is risky and takes work. Connext lets you make your marketplace truly peer-to-peer, so you can focus on what really matters.

IoT Interactions

Built from the ground up to enable automation, Connext Hubs let IoT devices interact frictionlessly, maintaining the security of your blockchain architecture. Beep boop.

Decentralized Exchange

Using a Connext Hub to clear transactions, decentralized exchanges can retain their non-custodial architecture, but enable activities like high frequency trading.

Making blockchain viable.

Developer Focused

We obsess about creating the optimal developer experience by shipping modular, intuitive, and robust integration paths. Check out our docs to get started.


Our formally verified framework eliminates all counterparty risk. This means your applicaction always preserves the security guarantees of the blockchain.

Open Source

We strongly support open source software and permissionless development. We welcome any feedback and contributions to our repositories.

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