Programmable Micropayments for the Decentralized Web.
Connext is an open source, peer-to-peer micropayment protocol that powers a new kind of internet economy, one where the value of content, services, and data flows directly from producers to consumers.

The Decentralized Web.

We envision a better web. The current system of centralized service providers, ad-driven digital economies, and proprietary APIs have led to the exploitative monetization of data, content, and web services by internet monopolies. We see this outcome as the unfortunate consequence of an incomplete internet, where communicating value is significantly more difficult than communicating information. Our mission is to fix the incentives of the web by enabling a new generation of decentralized internet products, platforms, and protocols that can redistribute value back into the hands of users.

Meet Connext.

Connext sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain and existing web protocols like HTTP. The protocol uses a system of networked state channels, a technology that allows peers to make unbreakable commitments to one another, all of which can be adjudicated and resolved on the Ethereum blockchain in the event of a dispute. This lets users of the system make near-free, instant, programmable transfers in any currency, without ever needing to rely on third parties to store funds.

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Come build with us.

Wallets & Browsers

Digital wallets and browsers integrate a Connext client to empower users with new ways to earn and spend money on the internet.

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Web Apps

Applications use the Connext Browser SDK to quickly and easily enable micropayments for tipping, social content, paywalls, and more!

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Protocol developers create p2p incentives in their networks by writing custom conditional transfer logic and running Connext nodes.

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