Make tokens easy.

Connext makes blockchain applications easy for everyone. Let your users purchase and manage tokens directly with cards in-app.

No more wallets, no more exchanges.

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Introducing Vaults

The gateway to the Connext ecosystem

Direct Card Purchases

The easiest way to buy tokens. Vaults let you accept card payments for your tokens directly in your app.

Leverage Existing Users

Access existing Vaults from day one. Users that you share with other Connext clients don't need to create new accounts.

Decentralized Compliance

Keep compliance simple. Vaults restrict risky transactions and reverse fraudulent ones so you can focus on product first.

Walletless Signatures

Don't sacrifice trustlessness for usability. Users sign transactions from their Vaults, without ever needing their own wallet.

A New Standard in Token UX.

Great UX wins markets. That's why we make it as easy as possible to use your product. Vaults let you abstract away the headaches of paying gas, handling tokens and using MetaMask. Making a payment is as simple as filling out a checkout component. Your users don't even have to know they're using blockchain.

Bottom Up Regulations.

We're working with financial entities and regulatory experts to rebuild compliance from the ground up. Users generate signatures which you use to write their transactions to the blockchain. Vaults reject signatures for transactions that don't match the expected use of your token. Stop fraud at its source.

Core Team

Arjun Bhuptani
Project Lead

Layne Haber
Operations Lead

Rahul Sethuram
Technical Lead

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